Sanctuary is a small Japan based jewellery brand founded by Mari, a self-taught jewellery designer / maker in 2012.
Mari’s work reflects her deep love for untamed rustic nature, colourful minerals,
and perfectly imperfect objects blended with her minimalist aesthetic and bohemian spirit.

The brand name, Sanctuary, came from her idea that we all have a spiritual sanctuary within ourselves,
the place where we keep our ethos, emotions, and everything we wish to protect from the outside world.

In this busy, fast-changing world, we often forget who we are, what we believe, or how we want to live our life.
So, she decided to make something that can remind us of our own sanctuary,
an amulet to help us stand firm in our hectic everyday life.

Each piece of Sanctuary is created with love and care using beautifully rustic crystals
and responsibly sourced precious metals (recycled or ethically mined metals)
in her home studio located in a lakeside town in Japan.




Mari Nakaizumi : Born, raised, and reside in Japan.
When she’s not making jewellery, she enjoys playing the piano (classical),
watercolour painting, snowboarding, and having a good time with good friends:)