Hello, I am Mari, a self-taught jewellery maker who run this small shop Sanctuary.

I have this idea that we all have spiritual sanctuary within ourselves. It is the place where we keep our ethos, emotions, and everything we wish to protect from the outside world. And that’s where this shop name – Sanctuary – came from.

I aim to make personal adornments that evoke our inner sanctuary. Something to help us stand firm in this busy world hoping that my jewellery can remind you who you are, what you believe, or how you want to live your life.


I believe there is beauty in imperfection. I intentionally choose stones with unique characters such as uneven mixed colours, rough edged or lots of inclusions. They may not be regarded as high valued gemstones like perfect diamonds but each stone is truely one of a kind beauty that can never be replaced by something else, just like each one of us.

I make my jewellery using traditional metal smithing techniques. Each piece of Sanctuary is made with lots of care and love in my little home studio.

Who I Am

Mari Nakaizumi – the owner and maker of Sanctuary

Unlike other artists, I was not an arty type kid. Not particularly good at creating things nor did I have a formal art education. But I was always fascinated by colours. Beautiful colours in nature, paintings, dresses, and minerals still fill me with delight.

I started larning and making jewellery in 2012. The devastating earthquake that hit Japan in the previous year made me realised I could never know when my life comes to an end, and if I want to do something, I should do it now. So here I am. More than 10 years since I first grabbed a pair of pliers to make a beaded necklace. I believe that was one of my best decision I ever made in my life.